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July 20, 2010


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Refurbished Computers

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user can use Ctrl,Alt,Shift,tab , Ins keys to perform a lot of functions . But many of the Graphical Interface Programs on Windows ( and also many on Linux or Solaris) require working with mouse as you have to scroll and click a lot .

Account Deleted

these are best alternatives of mouse. these are best for gaming for programming.

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Dissertation Writing

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Bill Rose

Why isn't the TetraMouse listed here? - http://tetramouse.com - At $249 to $349 depending on the model, it is by far the least expensive lip, chin, or tongue operated mouse and has the greatest number of built-in features including 8-button clicking, left and right drag and drop, scrolling with autoscroll capability and pointer speed control. And it can be ordered in thousands of color combinations. See the comparison page at http://tetramouse.com/compare.html to see how it out-performs the Jouse, Quadjoy, Integramouse and others at a fraction of the cost.

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